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Decalcifying your Third Eye/Pineal Gland

by Unique Baxter
Decalcifying your Third Eye/Pineal Gland



 Just like any other part of your body detoxing is very important, we all owe ourselves the ability to perform at out maximum output.  


The pineal gland is also known as the “Third Eye” is an organ that deposits small amounts of calcium, without breaking this down the gland can become blocked. Other factors speed this process such as a poor diet, exposure to toxins in the environment, stress and modern life, the pineal gland gets hardened, then calcified. This is important because of the functions of this gland If you missed it check out our last blog. But in short, the pineal gland can affect the way we sleep, make decisions, along with our bone mass, and vision.  


Step one in decalcifying your third eye,  

Shut Down-Take Social media/ Technology breaks at least once every two months. 

Take time outside – Fresh air or activity outside not only helps your overall mental wellness but can also help you find things you may not know you enjoyed doing. Try doing something that you never got a chance to do sport or exercise.  


Reduce light exposer – The pineal gland secretes more melatonin which helps us sleep depending on the light we are exposed to. Try turning down the brightness on electronics or sleeping in complete darkness. There are soft lights you can buy as well that support sleep if you do not like sleeping in complete darkness or have a phobia. 

Meditation- A great way to release stress, promote sleep, and overall mental wellness. There are different forms of meditation. Working out, listening to a favorite playlist, writing, or participating in different hobbies. Pairing these with the traditional form of mediation which incorporates different breathing techniques, mantras, or silent place. For at least 15- 30 minutes a day can help lower anxiety, blood pressure, and promote an overall stronger mental connection.  

Take a Multivitamin if you can't remember to add a multivitamin to your daily routine a balanced diet is also a great way to help.   

Add Atomic Ormus - Can be taken in liquid or capsule form, and only needed to be taken once a day. Atomic Ormus is a natural mineral, aiding in memory recall, mental clarity, skin rejuvenation, and an increase in energy and most importantly decalcifying the pineal gland.   


How can you tell if any of these are working?  

  • You will notice the difference immediately  
  • Your senses will change  
  • You will feel lighter physically and mentally  
  • You will notice changes in your skin  

More about Atomic Ormus in our Next Blog Post  

by Unique Baxter

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