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What do i do if i received a broken bottle in my order?

No problem, send an email to with your order number and we'll get a new one sent out to you asap!

What do I do if a product is missing from my order?

A lot of times this happens because our 3rd party shipping service will ship one thing at a time. We do not have control over this due to multiple factors, but what we can do is check on this, and if need be we will get you a replacement bottle sent out manually! Email us at with your order number and we'll get it taken care of.

Will you refund the shipping charges on my order if it arrives late?

If we identify a problem on our end that hinders us from getting your order to you in a timely fashion, we will of course provide a refund for shipping. This will be on a case by case basis and most issues will be resolved within 24 hours. Email us at with your order number and a brief explanation of what's going on.

How Do I redeem my free bottle?

Visit this link for your free bottle instructions:

Click Here!



How does your shipping process work?

When you place an order with us, the order gets sent directly to our drop shipping service. They then prepare, package, and ship your order usually within 24-48 hours. From there depending on the shipping speed you chose, your order will reach you between 2-4 days after purchasing. This is however a rough estimate and things like holidays or storms may slow down shipping time. You can always track your order via Amazon if you ordered there or using the tracking info sent in your shopify shipping confirmation email.


What is your return policy?

Will you exchange items?

If you have purchased one of our products and have not used it, we will exchange said product for another one from our inventory. Just shoot us an email.

When can I expect my refund?

Refunds sent for orders purchased via shopify will generally reach your account within 3 business days.